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How one short story sends a tribute to the firefighters

Vol 3 of the Fantasy word search series "Fairies" is a few days away from its official release.

By the way, have you purchased your copy or copies of Vol 1 "Mermaids" and Vol 2 "Dragons" yet? These are great gift ideas for any loved ones stuck in isolation. Particularly elderly folk who don't do online shopping. You can't buy these books in stores. Please have a think about it. I'm sure anyone stuck in isolation would appreciate receiving a copy of these stunning books.

Back to the topic at head. I wanted to share a bit about my favourite short story so far written for this series. As the short story writer of Louise Jean Wray, I've been writing fiction stories and novels for almost 30 years, yet every now and then a particular story wriggles its way into my heart. One such story is featured in the "Fairies" word search book. It is titled "Flame and Breeze" and it is about two fairies who are in love but cursed to be apart forever. It's one of my favourite stories, most likely because the story has meaning behind it.

"Flame and Breeze" was written about the same time as Australia was going through the clean-up process from the devastating bush fires. Two lovers cursed to be apart is not a new theme. It's not new to this story either, but what is unique to this story is how these two characters accept the conditions of the curse because they don't want to cause any destruction. It's really quite beautiful and sweet, and I hope you get the chance to read "Flame and Breeze". It's a very short piece of fiction, and it is exclusive to the "Fairies: Word Searches, Facts, Short Stories & More" book, available October 1, 2020.

Links to learn more or purchase your copy can be found here.

Coming next is Magic. Out November 1.

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