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Dogs like mermaids too

I had a fun day at the beach yesterday. I wasn't there to sun bake or swim. I was there to take photos of the first word search puzzle book "Mermaids" to use on our blog, our website, Facebook, our newsletter. It's finally released. Yah! This has been a fun project to work on. And it's not over yet. There are 4 more books in the Fantasy series due out in 2020, then there will be a Gothic series on 2021 and a Crime series after that.

For the Mermaids photos, I live near the beach, so it was the perfect setting for this type of photo shoot. I didn't expect to be joined by half a dozen French bulldogs though. 4 of these cuties stopped to admire the book and the decor used in the photo shoot. I think one of them wanted to eat the succulent. Don't you just love the little mermaid planter pot.

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