Magic 2 v2 purple e web.jpg
Book details:
ISBN: 978-1-64871-200-5
106 pages
5.5" X 8.5" (140mm X 216mm)
Full glossy cover
BW interior 

Magic. Spells. Witches. Magical quests. Familiars. We are all fascinated by the magical realm.

• This book features word searches, short stories, poems, facts and more.

• Each puzzle relates to the magic theme, including deadly plants and flowers, uses for magic, magic potion ingredients, and magical lands.

• Each poem and short story is original and exclusive to this book.

• This word search book also makes the perfect gift, especially when bundled with other titles in the series.

• With its stunning cover and original stories and poems, you won't want to throw this book away once you're finished with the puzzles.


• The word searches and short stories are suitable for all ages.


What you'll find in each book:
  • 32x word search puzzles
  • Lots of words per puzzle
  • 2x original short stories
  • 2x original poems
  • Dozens of interesting facts
  • Stunning book cover
  • Hours and hours of fun
Dear Reader
It has come to our attention that early copies of Magic may have an error with one puzzle being incorrect. We are committed to producing quality books, so if you come across this printing error, please send an email to and we will issue you with a replacement. Please note you will be required to provide proof.  We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Louise Jean Wray