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Dragons v2 purple flame.jpg
Book details:
ISBN: 978-1-64871-235-7
106 pages
5.5" X 8.5" (140mm X 216mm)
Full glossy cover
BW interior 

Dragons. Serpents. Winged beasts. Mythical legends. We are all fascinated by these fire-breathers from the magical realms.


  • This book features word searches, short stories, poems, facts and more.

  • Each puzzle relates to the dragon theme, including dragon traits, caves, Pokemon, other flying things, and dragon magic.

  • Each poem and short story is original and exclusive to this book.

  • This word search book also makes the perfect gift, especially when bundled with other titles in the series.

  • With its stunning cover and original stories and poems, you won’t want to throw this book away once you’re finished with the puzzles.

  • The word searches are suitable for all ages. The short stories are PG rated.

What you'll find in each book:
  • 32x word search puzzles
  • Lots of words per puzzle
  • 2x original short stories
  • 2x original poems
  • Dozens of interesting facts
  • Stunning book cover
  • Hours and hours of fun
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